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A Touch of Bunny Fiber

My Story

A Touch of Bunny Fiber was established back in the 1990’s, being an avid Spinner/Weaver from the 1980’s and lover of fiber animals, A Touch of Bunny (Fiber) was born.  Back in the beginning the only fiber animal I could own were angora rabbits and I continued working with them and developing them to produce more renewal fibers.  In 2016 we moved north to retire and enjoy the life we always wanted to have.  Me fiber animals and my husband gardens.  My dream was to own alpacas to blend with my angora for beautiful yarns and finished goods. After considering what we wanted in our farm, alpacas were put on the back burner.  In 2022, I added sheep to the hobby farm, in 2023 I added three more lambs to the farm and then was informed by my oldest son, that he was getting me alpacas for Mother’s Day 2023.  So, we now have a completed Fiber Farm.  I continue to use the fiber of all the animals and hope to spend a lot of time this winter with my looms out again weaving items for the Library Emporium.

Meet The Team

Available Items
Yarn, Socks, Scarves, Shawls, and Jackets

Photos coming soon
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